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MATH 450 3 Asymptotic and Perturbation Methods MECH 0460 Ethics for Technologists MECH 1104 Computer Aided Design MECH 1210 Manufacturing Processes MECH 3355 Fluid Power 1 MECH 4455 Fluid Power 2 MTRL 495 3 Biomaterials OPMT 1184 Industrial Engineering PHYS 1164 Physics for Robotics 1 PHYS 2164 Applied Physics 2 for Robotics PHYS 404 3 Introduction to Medical Physics ROBT 1270 C Programming MATH 305 3 Applied Complex Analysis MATH 307 3 Applied Linear Algebra MATH 321 3 Real Variables II MATH 3342 Transform Calculus (Robotics) MATH 340 3 Introduction to Linear Programming ELEC 465 Microsystems Design ELEC 471 Medical Imaging ELEC 472 Biomechatronics ELEC 473 Biological Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems ELEC 474 Biophotonics ELEC 491 Electrical Engineering Capstone Design Project ELEC 492 Electrical Energy Systems Capstone Design Project ELEC 493 Nanotechnology and Microsystems Capstone Design Project ELEC 494 Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design Project ELEX 1205 DC Circuit Analysis for Robotics ELEX 1215 Digital Techniques 1 for Robotics ELEX 2205 AC Circuits for Robotics ELEX 2220 Digital and Electronic Circuits ELEX 3321 Electronics Circuits 2 (Robotics) ELEX 4336 Feedback Systems Introductory Medical Biochemistry MATH 1342 Technical Math for Robotics MATH 220 3 Mathematical Proof ELEC 361 Molecules to Mechanisms ELEC 371 Biomedical Engineering Instrumentation ELEC 391 Electrical Engineering Design Studio II ELEC 401 Analog CMOS Integrated Circuit Design ELEC 402 Introduction to VLSI Systems ELEC 403 Digital Integrated Circuit Design ELEC 404 RF Integrated Circuits EECE 571H Integrated Circuits for High-Speed Data Links EECE 571P Propagation and Channel Modelling for Wireless Communications EECE 571R Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems EECE 571S Machine Learning in Medical Image and Signal Analysis EECE 571U Integrated Circuits for Phase-locked Loops EECE 571Z CMOS Design for Silicon Photonics Applications EECE 573 Micro and Nano Fabrication Technologies EECE 574 Self-Tuning Control EECE 576 Semiconductor Theory for Device Applications EECE 580 Emerging Electronic Materials and Devices EECE 584 Nanophotonics Fabrication EECE 585 Electromagnetic Compatibility EECE 586 Wavelets, Principles and Applications in Signal Processing EECE 588 Analog Integrated Circuit Design EECE 592 Architecture for Learning Systems ELEC 201 Circuit Analysis I APSC 440 3 Management Fundamentals for Technology APSC 461 3 Global Engineering Leadership APSC 486 New Venture Design BIOC 302 3 General Biochemistry BIOC 303 3 Molecular Biochemistry BIOL 201 3 Introduction to Biochemistry CHEM 203 4 Introduction to Organic Chemistry CHEM 205 3 Physical Chemistry CHEM 233 3 Organic Chemistry for the Biological Sciences COMM 1164 Technical Writing 1 for Robotics COMM 2464 Technical Writing 2 for Robotics CPEN 211 Introduction to Microcomputers CPEN 221 Principles of Software Construction CPEN 291 Computer Engineering Design Studio I CPEN 311 Digital Systems Design ELEC 202 Circuit Analysis II ELEC 203 Basic Circuit Analysis ELEC 204 Linear Circuits ELEC 205 Electronics Laboratory ELEC 211 Engineering Electromagnetics ELEC 221 Signals and Systems ELEC 271 Selected Topics in Biomedical Engineering ELEC 291 Electrical Engineering Design Studio I ELEC 292 Biomedical Engineering Design Studio CPEN 312 Digital Systems and Microcomputers CPEN 321 Software Engineering CPEN 331 Operating Systems CPEN 333 System Software Engineering CPEN 391 Computer Systems Design Studio II CPEN 411 Computer Architecture CPEN 412 Microcomputer Systems Design CPEN 421 Software Project Management CPEN 422 Software Testing and Analysis CPEN 423 /EECE417 4 Software Architecture CPEN 423 Software Architecture CPEN 431 /EECE411 4 Design of Distributed Software Applications CPEN 431 Design of Distributed Software Applications CPEN 432 /EECE494 4 Real-Time Systems Design CPEN 441 /EECE418 4 Human Computer Interfaces in Engineering Design CPEN 441 Human Computer Interfaces in Engineering Design ELEC 301 Electronic Circuits II ELEC 302 Electronic Circuits for Electromechanical Design CPEN 442 /EECE412 4 Introduction to Computer Security CPEN 442 Introduction to Computer Security CPEN 491 Computer Engineering Capstone Design Project CPEN 492 Software Engineering Capstone Design Project CPEN/ELEC 281 Technical Communication CPEN/ELEC 481 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects CPEN/ELEC 499 Undergraduate Thesis EECE 508 Multivariable Feedback Control EECE 509 Advanced Microsystems Design EECE 510 Strategy and Leadership EECE 511B Software Testing and Maintenance EECE 512 Topics in Computer Security EECE 513 Fault Tolerant Digital Systems EECE 518 Human Interface Technologies EECE 527 Advanced Computer Architecture EECE 528 Parallel and Reconfigurable Computing EECE 531 Nanoscale Modeling and Simulations EECE 532 Biomedical Microdevices EECE 534 Green Nanoelectronic Devices EECE 535 Advanced Biophotonics EECE 541 Multimedia Systems EECE 542 Computer-Integrated Surgery EECE 543 Software Project Management EECE 544 Medical Imaging ELEC 311 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves ELEC 315 Electronic Materials and Devices ELEC 321 Stochastic Signals and Systems ELEC 331 /EECE358 4 Computer Communications ELEC 331 Computer Communications ELEC 341 Systems and Control EECE 549 Dynamic Modeling of Electric Machines and Controls EECE 550 Topics in Power Electronic Design EECE 553 Advanced Power Systems Analysis EECE 554 Advanced Power System Control and Dynamics EECE 559 Energy Storage Systems - Super Capacitors EECE 560 Network Analysis and Simulation EECE 562 Statistical Signal Processing with Applications in Wireless Communications and Defence EECE 563 Wireless Communication Systems EECE 564 Detection and Estimation of Signals in Noise EECE 565 Communication Networks EECE 566 Communication and Information Theory EECE 569 Mobile Communications Networks EECE 570 Fundamentals of Visual Computing EECE 571A Electrical Engineering Seminar and Special Problems - ANT PROPGTN II EECE 571B Electrical Engineering Seminar and Special Problems - BIG DATA SYSTEMS EECE 571C Electrical Engineering Seminar and Special Problems - CMOS DSGN APPS EECE 571D EECE 571D - Power System Dynamics and Stability ELEC 342 Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion and Transmission ELEC 343 Electromechanics ELEC 344 Applied Electronics and Electromechanics ELEC 352 /EECE392 4 Distributed Energy Systems ELEC 352 Electric Energy Systems ELEC 411 Antennas and Propagation ELEC 412 Optical Waveguides and Photonics ELEC 413 Semiconductor Lasers ELEC 415 Semiconductor Devices: Physics, Design and Analysis ELEC 416 Quantum Dots and Device Applications ELEC 421 Digital Signal and Image Processing ELEC 422 Biosignals and Systems ELEC 431 Communication Systems ELEC 432 Digital Communications ELEC 433 Error Control Coding for Communications and Computers ELEC 434 Introduction to Optical Networks ELEC 441 Control Systems ELEC 442 Introduction to Robotics ELEC 451 Power Electronics ELEC 452 Industrial Drives ELEC 453 Power System Analysis ELEC 454 Power Systems Analysis II ELEC 455 Power Systems Protection ELEC 456 Decision Support Methods in Power Systems Operation ELEC 457 Optimization of Power System Operation ELEC 461 Nanotechnology in Electronics ELEC 462 Sensors and Actuators in Microsystems ELEC 463 Micro/Nanofabrication and Instrumentation Laboratory ELEC 464 Nanotechnology and Nature ELEC 465 /EECE489 3 Microsystems Design MATH 2342 Calculus for Robotics MATH 300 3 Introduction to Complex Variables MATH 301 3 Applied Analysis MATH 303 3 Introduction to Stochastic Processes MATH 342 3 Algebra & Coding Theory MATH 345 3 Applied Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos MATH 361 3 Introduction to Mathematical Biology MATH 400 3 Applied partial Differential Equations MATH 401 3 Green’s Functions and Variational Methods MATH 402 3 Calculus of Variations MATH 405 3 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations MATH 415 3 Introduction to Mathematical Logic MATH 418 3 Probability MATH 441 3 Modeling of Discrete Optimization Problems MATH 442 3 Optimization in Graphs and Networks MATH 443 3 Graph Theory MATH 445 3 Mathematical Modeling: Applications in the Natural & Social Sciences ROBT 3341 Robot Applications ROBT 3351 Automation Equipment ROBT 3356 Controller Systems ROBT 4451 Sensor Interfacing ROBT 4456 PLC Applications ROBT 4491 Mechatronics Project Acoustics and Noise Control Advanced Engineering Acoustics Directed Studies in Mechanical Engineering Dynamic System Modeling Electro-Mechanical Design Project Electro-Mechanical System Design Project I Electro-Mechanical System Design Project II Energy Conversion Systems Engineering Analysis Engineering Economics Engineering Management Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation Engineering Science I Engineering Science II Experimental Fluid Mechanics Experimental Thermofluids Finite Element Analysis Fluid Mechanics Foundations in Control Engineering Fuel Cell Systems Fundamentals of Injury Biomechanics Fundamentals of Microelectromechanical Systems Heat Transfer I Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Industrial and Environmental Acoustics and Vibration Industrial Engineering Industrial Fluid Mechanics Industrial Robotics Internal Combustion Engines Introduction to Academic Research Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Advanced Mechanics of Materials Aerodynamics of Aircraft I Aircraft Design: Aerodynamics Aircraft Design: Structures Analytical Dynamics Automatic Control Biofluids Biomechanics Research Biomechatronics Biomedical Design Project CAD/CAM CAD/CAM Principles and Practice Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Methods in Transport Phenomena I Computer Control of Mechatronics Systems Computer Control of Multi-Axis Machines Computer-Aided Manufacturing Control Sensors and Actuators Introduction to Mechanics of Materials Introduction to Ship Hydrodynamics Introduction to Ship Structures Linear FEA in Solids and Heat Transfer Linear Vibrations Machine Tool Structures and Vibrations Manufacturing Processes Materials for Mechanical Design Mechanical Design Mechanical Design I Mechanical Design II Mechanical Engineering Design Project Mechanical Engineering Design Project Mechanical Vibrations Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics and Control Sensors and Actuators Special Advanced Courses – SUSTNB BUILD SCI Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Engineering Dynamics Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Intro to Mechatronics Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Microfluidics Technical Skills Practicum Thermal System Design Thermofluids Capstone Design Project Thesis – MASC THESIS Turbulent Shear Flow Mechanics of Materials Mechatronics System Instrumentation Modeling of Mechatronic Systems Modern Control Engineering Orthopaedic Biomechanics Project for M.Eng. Studies Research Seminar Data Analysis and Mechanical Engineering Laboratories Data Analysis and Mechatronics Laboratories Organic Chemistry for Engineers Petroleum Refining PhD Thesis Proposal Physical Chemistry for Engineers Process and Environmental Engineering Laboratory Process Control Engineering Process Control Engineering Process Dynamics and Control Process Synthesis Professional Engineering Practice Seminar Sustainable Energy Systems (3) Technical Communication Thesis – Biotechnology Topic (after CHBE 495) Thesis (after CHBE 491) Thesis Proposal Thesis Proposal – Biotechnology Topic Topics in Civil Engineering – LIFE CYCL ASSESS Transport in Biological Systems Transport Phenomena I Transport Phenomena II Unit Operations I Unit Operations II Waste Management for Resource Recovery Water and Wastewater Management Strategies (3) Water Pollution Control Organic Chemistry for Engineers Petroleum Refining PhD Thesis Proposal Physical Chemistry for Engineers Process and Environmental Engineering Laboratory Process Control Engineering Process Control Engineering Process Dynamics and Control Process Synthesis Professional Engineering Practice Seminar Sustainable Energy Systems (3) Technical Communication Thesis – Biotechnology Topic (after CHBE 495) Thesis (after CHBE 491) Thesis Proposal Thesis Proposal – Biotechnology Topic Topics in Civil Engineering – LIFE CYCL ASSESS Transport in Biological Systems Transport Phenomena I Transport Phenomena II Unit Operations I Unit Operations II Waste Management for Resource Recovery Water and Wastewater Management Strategies (3) Water Pollution Control General Biochemistry Green Engineering Heavy Oil Sand Mining and Processing Heterogeneous Catalysis and Advanced Reactor Design Hydrometallurgy I Hydrometallurgy II Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory (3) Industrial Engineering Inorganic Chemistry Interfacial Phenomena Introduction to Biophysics Introduction to Chemical and Biological Engineering Process and Technology Introduction to Gross Human Anatomy Introductory Medical Biochemistry Biological Process and Product Design Biological Process Engineering I Biology of the Cell Biomass Fractionation Chemistry (3) Biomaterials Biophysical Chemistry Bioprocess Engineering (3) Bioprocess Engineering I Bioprocess Engineering II Bioprocess Engineering II Biotechnoogy Laboratory Cell Biology I: Structural Basis Cell Biology II: Intro to Biochemistry Chemical & Biological Industrial Water Treatment Design (3) Chemical and Biological Engineering Economics Chemical and Biological Engineering Laboratory Chemical and Biological Engineering Thermodynamics I Advanced Reactor Design (3) Air Pollution Control (3) Air Pollution Prevention and Control Applied Heterogeneous Catalysis (3) Applied Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Bioenergy and Biorefinery (3) Biofluids Chemical and Biological Engineering Thermodynamics II Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Laboratory Chemical Engineering Aspects of Occupational Health and Safety Chemical Engineering Laboratory Kinetics and Reactor Design MASC Thesis Proposal Material and Energy Balances Mathematical Operations in Chemical Engineering (3) Microorganisms in Food Systems Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (3) Chemical Process and Product Design Chemical Pulping Technology Computational Methods Computer Flowsheeting and Fluid Properties Estimation Differential Equations Directed Studies Electrochemical Science, Engineering and Technology (3) Elementary Statistics Energy and the Environment (3) Energy Engineering Energy System Fundamentals (3) Engineering Management Engineering Materials Environmental Engineering & Sustainability Leadership (3) Food Chemistry I Food Chemistry II Food Process Science Fuel Cell and Electrochemical Engineering Mining and the Environment Modeling and Optimization in Chemical Engineering Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer (3) Multivariable Calculus New Venture Design Engineering and Sustainable Development Civil Engineering I Civil Engineering II Soil Mechanics I Fluid Mechanics I Introduction to Structural Engineering Solid Mechanics I Solid Mechanics II Construction Engineering and Management Optimization and Decision Analysis in Civil Engineering Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Introduction to Environmental Engineering Soil Mechanics II Fluid Mechanics II Hydrology and Open Channel Flow Civil Engineering Materials Steel and Timber Design Structural Analysis Geo-Environmental Engineering Municipal Engineering Foundation Engineering I Foundation Engineering II Design of Earth Dams and Containment Structures Water Resource Engineering Environmental Hydraulics Coastal Engineering Engineering Hydrology Concrete Technology Project Based Learning in Civil Engineering Materials Advanced Concrete Design Advanced Structural Analysis Matrix Structural Analysis and Dynamics Introduction to Ship Structures Design of Timber Structures Transportation Engineering II Transportation Planning and Analysis Engineering Design and Analysis I Engineering Design and Analysis II Building Science Topics in Civil Engineering - ENVRN STWSHP ENG Seismicity and Seismic Design Parameters Seismic Response of Structures Dynamics of Structures I Dynamics of Structures II Nonlinear Structural Analysis Advanced Topics in Steel Structures Concrete Structures Behaviour of Timber Structures Reliability and Structural Safety Project and Construction Economics Project Management for Engineers Legal Aspects of Project and Construction Management Virtual Design and Construction Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of Civil Infrastructure Computational Mechanics I Computational Mechanics II Advanced Coastal Engineering Turbulent Fluid Dynamics Optimization and Heuristic Approaches for Civil Engineering Systems Modeling and Optimization of Civil Engineering Systems Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology Investigation, Risk Assessment and Management of Chemicals in Geo-Environment Environmental Contaminant Analysis Laboratory Engineering Management of Solid Wastes Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes Transport and Mixing of Pollutants in Aquatic Systems Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Soil Dynamics for Design Practice Transportation Engineering Impacts Urban Engineering Methods and Models Urban Transportation System Analysis Topics in Civil Engineering - TRNSPRTN EMISSNS Biological Wastewater Treatment Advanced Soil Mechanics Experimental Soil Mechanics Geosynthetics Construction Planning and Control Construction Methods and Performance Case Studies of Construction Methods Virtual Design and Construction Design of Concrete Structures Advanced Structural Steel Design Transportation Engineering I Professionalism and Law in Civil Engineering Engineering Economic Analysis Water Treatment and Waste Management Environmental Laboratory Analysis


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